Adult Behind-the-Wheel Course

Adult Waiver Course Information

About the Adult Behind-the-Wheel Course

The Adult Behind-the-Wheel Course is to verify that an individual age 18 or older can demonstrate proficiency in driving maneuvers and is prepared for a driver's license. The course consists of 7 days of in-vehicle instruction. A road skills test will be administered after the 7 days of instruction are completed. If the student does not successfully demonstrate safe driving skills or does not feel comfortable taking the test after the 7 day course, then the student can either purchase driving lessons or practice with family/friends before taking the road test.

This course is NOT required for an individual age 18 or older. It is optional.

Individuals age 18 and older must hold the learner's permit for a period of 60 days before they can return to the DMV to take the road test. Road test applicants must complete and submit the required driving checklist with a licensed driver when arriving to take the road test. 

The Virginia Driver Education Program can be completed by adults to get a road test through the driver training school and to waive the 60-day hold requirement for a learner's permit. The Program consists of 2 courses, the Driver Education Course (classroom or online) and the Adult Behind-the-Wheel Course. Both of these courses need to be completed to take a road test at a driver training school instead of at the DMV.

Course Requirements

Have a valid Virginia learner's permit.

Complete a Virginia-approved Driver Education classroom or online course.

Demonstrate proficiency in driving maneuvers required by DMV for base price.

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Frequent Questions

What is the pricing for the Adult Behind-the-Wheel Course?

Pricing can be found by clicking the button below.

Price List

What is the course refund policy?

A full refund will be provided upon request only if the school is incapable of or unwilling to perform its part of the contract within 90 days of the first scheduled appointment. The school cannot be held responsible for delays caused by mechanical failure, unsafe driving conditions due to weather, or any other reason over which it has no control.

A partial refund will be provided upon request if services have already been rendered.

No refund will be issued for failing a course or missing instruction periods repeatedly.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment is limited and students are enrolled on a first come, first served basis. Register as early as possible to reserve a seat in the course.

To reserve a seat in the course, we will need a registration form submitted, a student driver contract signed and we will need to view your documents for the course to verify that you meet the requirements.

We do our best to arrange the closest time available for your behind-the-wheel course. However, majority of our students are teens in high school and college and the late afternoon appointment times go first and therefore, will have a longer waiting period. During the school year, afternoon instruction periods after 2:00 pm are our busiest. Wait periods could be as long as 4 to 6 weeks.

Summer time allows for a more flexible schedule. Appointments could be early morning or afternoon depending on availability. Summer time is the busiest time of the year for us. Wait periods could be 6 weeks or longer.

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CSMA 19: Observaton Record (pdf)