Escort Vehicle Driver Training


What is an escort vehicle?

An escort vehicle is one that is used to escort trucks with loads or convoys of vehicles. It serves as a forward or rear warning device to the general public and is required for certain over-dimensional or overweight loads. Escort vehicles are also referred to as flag or pilot cars.

What does an escort vehicle driver do?

The escort vehicle driver is responsible for the overall movement of the load. It is important to remember that the over-dimensional load driver and the escort driver function as a team. Each person must contribute his or her skills and complete attention to ensuring the safe movement of the load. Constant alertness is necessary to anticipate and avoid problems. 

What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of the escort vehicle and driver training is to enhance the safety of moving over-dimensional loads by highway and to reduce delays and inconveniences to the general flow of traffic. Escort drivers have specific tasks to perform during each phase of the over-dimensional load movement.

What is the price for this course?

The price for the escort vehicle driver training is $110.

When is class scheduled?

On account of low need of the class, classes are scheduled as we receive registration or interest.

Please let us know if you want to register by calling us at (757) 926-5956. If you require a weekend class, please let us know.