Frequently Asked Questions


My child has special needs, can they attend your course?

In this situation, we would recommend that you discuss your student's individual needs with the instructor for the course you need. We appreciate advance notice in these situations so that we may work together to make the student's experience a success.

If we determine that we are not qualified to instruct your student, we will refer the student to the Sentara Therapy Center in Norfolk for Driver Evaluation and Training.  

Do I need to put my child on my insurance?

Parents will need to contact their insurance company about a newly-licensed driver.

Do I still need to take the permit test if I am age 18 or older?

Yes. Regardless of age, any new driver is required to hold a learner's permit before being eligible for a driver's license. 

If I have an out-of-state permit can I transfer it over to Virginia?

No. If you are from out-of-state, to obtain a Virginia learner's permit, you will be required to surrender your out-of-state learner's permit, complete a knowledge exam, meet the identity, legal presence, residency, and social security requirements and Virginia's driver education requirements, if applicable. The time in which you held your out-of-state learner's permit will be counted toward the Virginia minimum holding period for a learner's permit. 

How long do I have to hold my permit before I can get my license?

If you are under age 18, you must hold the permit for 9 months before you can be issued a driver's license. You can take the behind-the-wheel course prior to the completion of the 9 months as long as you have the required documents. The license will be held by the school or your parent until the eligibility date on the license is valid.

If you are age 18 or older, you must hold the permit for 60 days before you can take the DMV road skills test and be issued a driver's license. 

Can parents sit in for the driver education course and the behind-the-wheel course?

Parents are welcome to sit in a classroom session, if space permits. Parents are not permitted to sit in for the behind-the-wheel course since the course requires for students to observe each other during driving sessions.

However, parents are permitted to ride along during individual (one-on-one) driving lessons. Please make prior arrangements with the instructor. Parents must follow all directions and cannot talk during the lesson unless specifically asked by the instructor. If the instructor finds the parent to be a distraction, they can ask the parent to remove themselves from the lesson.