Parents' Corner

Driving School Policy

  • It is the student's responsibility to have their learner's permit in their possession for each driving period. Copies will not be acceptable.

  • There will be a $30 fee for all no-show/missed appointments or appointments canceled without 24 hours prior notice, as well as, appointments canceled because the student did not have their learner's permit at the time of pick up.

  • There will be a $35 fee for any retest appointments for the road test. The first road test is included as part of the course.

  • Refunds will be provided upon request. A full refund only if the school is incapable of or unwilling to perform its part of the contract within 90 days of the first scheduled appointment. A partial refund if services have already been rendered. No refund will be issued for an online course. No refund will be issued for failing a course or missing instruction periods repeatedly.

  • Students must have a 45-hour driving log, no exceptions. Virginia requires teens under age 18 to complete 45 hours of guided practice, with at least 15 hours after sunset, before they can qualify for a driver's license. Parents must sign their license paperwork certifying that the teen has completed the required hours of guided practice.

Scheduling Courses for Teens

We do our best to arrange the closest time available for your behind-the-wheel course. However, majority of our students are teens in high school or college and the late afternoon appointment times go first and therefore, will have a longer wait period.

We are flexible with student schedules and therefore, do not have set course dates like the school system. During the school year, afternoon instruction periods after 2:00 pm are our busiest. Wait periods could be as long as 4 to 6 weeks.

Summer time allows for a more flexible schedule since many students are out of school. Appointments could be early morning or afternoon depending on availability. Summer time is the busiest time of the year for us. Wait periods could be 6 weeks or longer. 

Register as early as possible to reserve a seat in the course.