Parents' Corner

Is the behind-the-wheel course required for home-schooled students?

If you are an approved home schooler, driver education can be taught at home. The student must currently be enrolled in a home-schooled program approved by your school division superintendent.

Does your school have qualifications to instruct students with learning/physical disabilities?

We recommend the student discuss their individual needs with the instructor or manager. We appreciate advance notice in these situations so that we may work together to make the experience a success.

Please note we do not have the state curriculum or instructors qualified for those under medical review or who have significant learning/physical disabilities. If we determine that we are not qualified to instruct the student, we will refer them to the Driver Evaluation Information & Centers in Virginia document. This document can be found below in the Downloads section. 

Can parents sit in for the driver education course and the behind-the-wheel course?

Parents are welcome to sit in a classroom session, if space permits. Parents are not permitted to sit in for the behind-the-wheel course since the course requires for students to observe each other during driving sessions.

However, parents are permitted to ride along during individual (one-on-one) driving lessons. Please make prior arrangements with the instructor. Parents must follow all directions and cannot talk during the lesson unless specifically asked by the instructor. If the instructor finds the parent to be a distraction, they can ask the parent to remove themselves from the lesson.

Driving School Policy

  • It is the student's responsibility to have their learner's permit in their possession for each driving period. Copies will not be acceptable.

  • There will be a $30 fee for all no-show/missed appointments or appointments canceled without 24 hours prior notice, as well as, appointments canceled because the student did not have their learner's permit at the time of pick up.

  • There will be a $35 fee for any retest appointments for the road test (behind-the-wheel course). The first road test is included as part of the course.

  • Students must have at least 30 hours of the 45 hours of guided practice requirement completed to be enrolled in the behind-the-wheel course. If the student gets in the vehicle and cannot demonstrate an understanding of driving skills then they will be removed from the course. A correctly completed log must be submitted to verify that the students meets this requirement. An example of a correctly completed driving log is available below in the Downloads section.