DMV Service (Car Rental)

Need a vehicle for your road test at the DMV?

Students often like to use test in the same car that they used for learning how to drive. This is recommended because it allows students to test in a car that they are comfortable in. Students can request to use our school car for taking the road test at DMV to obtain a driver's license. 

Students must have demonstrated safe driving skills before we will allow the use of our car. If you are not a prior student at our school, then 30 minutes of in-car observation is required before we will allow use of our vehicle for the road test.

Will the Instructor Provide a Signed CSMA-19 Form for the Student?

If the student received driving instruction from us previously and met skill requirements then the observation record will be signed by the instructor and given to the student.

If the student has never taken driving lessons with us, then the student should have a signed CSMA-19 form with signature completed.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The fee to use the vehicle is $100.

The fee for the 30 minutes of observation is $40.

When Can I Schedule an Appointment?

We recommend contacting us at least 3 weeks in advance. Sometimes we have appointments available sooner but quite often our schedule gets booked fast. Call us at 757-926-5956 to inquire about our schedule or fill out the form online to register for our earliest date available. 

COVID-19 Update:

The DMV is not conducting any road tests as of May 28, 2020, therefore, our school vehicle will not be available to rent until the DMV begins offering the service again.