top notch driving school rent our car for dmv road test for driver's license

DMV Service (Rent Our Car)

Use our vehicle for your DMV road test

Students often like to use test in the same car that they used for learning how to drive. This is recommended because it allows students to test in a car that they are comfortable in. Students can request to use our school car for taking the road test at DMV to obtain a driver's license. Students must have demonstrated safe driving skills before we will allow the use of our car.

Our instructors are available to pick up and accompany students to the DMV, then drop off students once completed. The price to use our car is $100. 

Individuals who are not a previous student must have a CSMA 19 form signed by a licensed driver to rent our car. If you need a CSMA 19 form completed and signed by one of our instructors then you can register for a driving lesson or assessment as well to demonstrate your proficiency in safe driving skills.


Click the button below to rent one of cars today, and be sure to contact us in advance to confirm an appointment date and time.